Looking for a Scripter



The NWN Dark Sun Team is looking for someone that would have the time to join our team and help with smaller scripts. We don’t care if your just starting out or have years of experience. We know and understand everyone has to start somewhere, we all are new to something at some point in time. We don’t need large system scripts at this time.

We currently have somethings in place already.

HRC2 Framwork – Takes care of Food, Water, Fatigue, Rest, and Death scripts. It also makes very good use of Module and Area Variables
NESS – Deals with spawning encounters
ASG Spawn Kit – Also deals with spawning encounters

We currently don’t want a player crafting system so no need to worry about that.

Once a script is made we should be able to plug it in where its needed within our module.

There for we mostly need smaller scripts to do things we want done to make the world feel more like Dark Sun. Scripts could be created in NWN without any haks or anything, then sent to us and we could plug them in and get them working.

So don’t be afriad to help if you are just learning, we just want someone who really wants to learn scripting and has the time to do it.

Is this for NWN Enhanced? or standard NWN1?

I could give you a hand with NWNEE, in my spare time.
As you said, small scripts, no big projects.

Yes this is for NWN EE

That would be great, i will send you a PM