Looking for a specific head pack

Hello !
I found this head, it is used by Easting Reach PW, maybe as such it belongs to them, but I would like to make sure and ask if someone knows if it can be downloaded somewhere ? I would love to use it.


It’s in other servers, so I doubt it belongs to them, especially since that’s from the videogame Bloodrayne. As a rule of thumb you can use custom content as long as you don’t profit from it or repost it. As for where you can download it, if you saw it at a server it must be in the hak packs used to play it. If it isn’t, for some reason, I’m pretty sure the Sinifar head pack has it.

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Thanks so much for your help ! I didn’t register for this PW (yet) but they say you can choose new heads for your character by asking a GM, and link to a page with picture of the heads. The page is just just from a site to upload pics though, and has no credits. I will look for this pack, thanks again !

It’s sinfar, sorry about the mispell!

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(Also this is for offline use, just my husband’s and my game.)

Looks like this is the head from Shemsu-Heru’s Rayne the Dhampir model, made for Custom Content Challenge September 2014: The Mists of Ravenloft.

I checked the hak file (ccc_2014_09.hak) and it’s actually included as individual head as well (pfh0_head028.mdl, pfh0_head028.plt, pfh2_head028.mdl).