Looking for a specific module I played many years ago

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First off: Please forgive me if creating a new post is not the correct way to go. I will gladly remove this and post it in a more appropriate thread if that is the correct way to do things around here. :wink:

Now to my actual question: I am looking to replay a specific module that I played many many years ago. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name anymore. You were exploring a city more or less freely. The city had a temple of Helm or Torm or definitely some god of war. In the course of the story you had to climb down into the sewers and find a lich whose backstory you would learn through notes and journal entries that you would find. Similarly, there was a werewolf you would encounter at the end of another dungeon who also had a really interesting backstory that you would learn through notes and journal entries. I really wish I could remember more so I could describe it better. I just remember that I really enjoyed it and that it was a popular module on this website. Does it maybe ring a bell with anyone?

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It’s a very long time since I played this, but maybe you’re talking about Tales of Arterra - The Lost?

I don’t remember specifics like locations and background stories told via journal entries, but I remember there being werewolves, vampires and liches. Plus it being a very popular module back in the good old days of the IGN vault.

The Tales of Arterra series of modules (there were two of them if I remember correctly) are the best modules I’ve ever played on NWN1 and NWN2 combined. A true masterpiece.

Hi guys,

thanks so much! I will definitely check this one out!