Looking for a specific module

From what I can remember, I am very sure it might have “Snow” or/and “Hunt” in the name, but I can’t find it.

The game begins with you being in a big inn, I think, or at least the inn’s upstairs which is full of rooms.
You can then go outside into a small village and you’ll hear rumours of some Werewolf attack.

The best I remember is that there was a Dwarf, I’m very sure he was a merchant, maybe a retired Hunter too or simply a coward (for a Dwarf, I know) and he stutters and keeps getting scared when you mention the werewolf.

Also, I think the Werewolf had a specific name too…The White Terror perhaps? It was a White Werewolf after all.

This springs to mind:

EDIT: Or this one inspired by Icewind Dale? https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/module/heart-winter

Took a peek at them and it’s sadly none of them, but they do look interesting, might try them some day.
Thanks for trying.

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Try doing a search with the words you think are in the name or even try werewolf. It may take time but it may appear. Good luck. I wish I knew the title for you.