Looking for a VFX similar to placeable death

When a barrel or chest is bashed, there is a very satisfactory explosion of dust and wood fragments.

Has anyone made that into a VFX, preferably on a much larger scale?

I have a ship creature, which I would like to explode on death.

What if you scaled the barrel to match the size of the ship. Set the barrel mesh as “render 0” and then use that rescaled model as your vfx?

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Good thought - I’ll try that.

@Pstemarie that works! Thanks!

Since scale affects all dimensions equally, I’ll look around for a longer, lower placeable that’s more ship-shaped than a barrel.

Meanwhile, failing that, I now have an array of giant invisible barrels which explode with a scripted ripple effect from the centre. It will take a lot of fine-tuning, but way better than the ship simply fading.


Glad to here. Just a thought, but as a barrel is kind of ship shaped already, what would happen if you rotated all the meshes and emitters by 90-degrees? You might get the effect you are looking for.

EDIT - If you are using 3dsMax, there is a scale tool that allows you to scale along a single axis. I’ve never tried it on an emitter before, but I’d image it should work the same.

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Good thoughts.

In the end, I went with the array. The illusion isn’t quite perfect, as the creature model doesn’t vanish instantly. Invisibility or DestroyObject reduce the 5 second minimum corpse fade to about 1 second, which I understand to be an engine limitation. The ship is so big that even a large flash vfx followed by an array of exploding barrels doesn’t quite cover this up. However, it looks way better than before, and there are other squirrels to chase.

Thanks for your help.

Glad to help. I’d love to see a video of that exploding ship, but I can wait for the module it’ll be in :slight_smile:

LOL one of those squirrels is how best to make and edit videos (none of the tools I was using work in Win10) but that, too, might have to wait…