Looking for a warlock prc for NWN1 (RESOLVED)

Years back someone had uploaded a warlock prc class for NWN1 to the vault. I can’t find it here. Anyone have this to reupload? I sure would like it please.

I may be misunderstanding the question, but are you actually referring to the warlock base class included in the Player Resource Consortium (PRC) pack?

Hi SavnetSim,

Thanks for asking. Yes that one, but a stand alone that use to be on the vault years ago. It is that one…I just wouldn’t be able to pull the class out of the PRC 4.1.0 it is too hard to pull out all I need. So I was wondering if anyone had the class on it’s own they can upload or if someone has access to pull it from the old vault files.

I have the warlock class in my tlk and I have pretty well everything sitting in there except the FEATS 2da I lost that held all the feats. I need this feat 2da if anyone has it:

Close - Resolved:

I found the Warlock in the Grimoire3. So I decided to comment here to let those know where you can find a Warlock Class. Also included in those haks are the Divine Champion and all the Dragon Disciple classes.

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