Looking for adult animations content and info (18+)

I’m looking for adult animations for intercourse between players in multiplayer. Is this possible ? Where to look for hak and info ?
Thanks for reading.

Search for “adult animations” in the Vault.

I found some but will they be addable to a module with the aurora tool ?

They are used like any other custom content (phenotypes and animation in this case). See their READMEs and demo modules (if provided) to get to know how to get them working. I also don’t think custom animation needs special handling for use in multiplayer.

It can be as simple as adding the hak to Custom Content in the toolset.

If you already have custom phenotypes, you’ll need a merged version of phenotype.2da in your top hak (easy).

Every phenotype needs a new set of robe models (unless you force disrobing … which might be appropriate in context …).

Standard robes should be included in the hak. If you have a lot of custom robes, it is simple (albeit tedious) to make a new set (with minor exceptions).

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Something corresponding I wonder since a while: Is there a way to play .bic or .gif animations in game? Sex-scenes would be easier to create generally but I more concerned about it to make videos act like cut-scenes (something like the original BioWare anims but not just the beginning and the end of a modul but in the middle of it).

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No. Animations have to be built into the creature model.

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