Looking For Adventure (15+ Module/Campaigns)

Evening everyone!
So I’m new to the NWV, I recently finished the Icewind Dale campaign created for NWN 2. I’ve been looking around for additional campaigns to play with the group I created and would really like to keep playing them.
Since I’m still new to NWV I’m not quite sure how/where to look for the appropriate pieces.
if anyone has any suggestions for Level 15+ modules/campaigns I would be immensely appreciative of the help!

Hope everyone has a grand weekend!


You might check campaigns that list FRW compatible. I believe their may be one or two there. Look up FRW on the new content page. Good Luck :sunglasses:

Two that come to mind are Wulverheim and Black Canyon. Both use the SoZ party creation method and have routines that attempt to scale the level of difficulty to your party level. They are very different campaigns though.