Looking for advice on file manager

I’m working on merging a bunch of phenotype models and animation sets to take advantage of the newly increased custom animations constants in the toolset so I won’t have to do as much phenotype switching in the future.

I haven’t done this sort of thing in years, and the last time I did it manually. Can anyone recommend a good tool for managing and renaming the ridiculous number of files involved in phenotypes and animations? Should I just use Notepad++ or are there any other tools I should look at?

The Model Renamer does a good job of that, using wildcards to rename a shedload of models in one batch.

When merging animations, the issue is a bit different, of course, because you need to take animation X from phenotype N, insert it in phenotype 1, then renumber it as animation Y. Notepad++ is ideal for that. IIRC you just need to change the animation number in the newanim and endanim directives.

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