Looking for few XML files names

I want to modify my UI a bit but I’m unable to locate few XML files which are responsible for buttons like: toggle player menu, rest or puppet mode (the ones in the lower left part of the screen) also modes bar (you know the one with sneaking or power attack) and the one that shows rounds or actions in the top middle part of screen. What are the names for those files? I would like to make those ui elements bigger and movable.

Hi mhroczyn,

Forgive me for saying this, but I am concerned that if you are struggling to locate these files, that you may also struggle adapting them and may break your game if you mess something up. However, assuming you know where they are, but just do not know which ones they are, then I will say two of them are …


The others I get muddled up with myself, so I don’t want to give false info. Also, I don’t know how much you can alter the sizes of these, or how much benefit they would really be if resized anyway … but that’s your call.

Cheers, Lance.

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I’m actually merging Tchos UI with Divine UI for my own personal use. Also I want to increase size of few things that are too small on my screen to play comfortably. The work is almost done and I failed to find those files simply because neither of them were altered by Tchos or Divine UI. Also english isn’t my first language so sometimes I’m not sure which key words to look for.

Edit: Thank you for those names, one more to find tho :wink:


playermenu.xml is the AI/Rest/etc, out of it pops playermenu_popup.xml

since it seems like you know what you’re doing how to make backups …

i’ll mention these two metafiles also:

fontfamily.xml - standardized fonts/fontsizes etc
stylesheet.xml - standardized buttons, sliders, etc