Looking for jungle/prehistoric CC for mod

Hi, folks. I’ve been away from NwN for some time, but have been tempted to come back and make some more mods with the Enhanced Edition. I have a couple questions for those of you who are more familiar with recent contributions to the vault. Much appreciated!

  1. I am picturing a prehistoric jungle setting, and was wondering if there are any great examples of jungle, savanna, or crag tilesets. I did some searches and found some really old jungle tilesets, but I figured there might be something more sophisticated at this point.

  2. I used to use Project Q all the time, but it looks like CEP might be more frequently updated these days. Is Q still a valid base for EE module crafting? I am reluctant to use CEP because IIRC it is filled with a glut of ugly, low-quality models and you have to sift out the good stuff.

Also, it’s good to see the CCC still going strong. I silently appreciate and use a lot of that content even though I am not vocal about it. I’m sure many others do the same. Thanks, contributors!

Project Q is a good source still. We do have updates in the works. Frequency of updates is not really a good measure of quality though :slight_smile: