Looking for list of tilesets based on their terrain type

Hi, I am currently working on PRC Lite project, while the project started by taking some very popular prestige classes from original PRC and recoding them from scratch I also added some custom feats and classes based on 3.5 DnD PHB . There are still few classes to be added and one of them is Horizon Walker who gives bonuses based on terrain.

Now, because my main goal is to make this work globally (just as my other project, community patch works), in every single player module you play I need to gather ŕesrefs for as much custom tilesets as possible. Resref is the 5 letter prefix each tileset has such as “tdm01”.

So what do I need is to:

  • point me into list of all custom tilesets
  • sort there tilesets by type (desert, forest, winter etc.)
  • find out their resref.

Maybe we can start this with posting the resrefs assigned to terrain type one by one if anyone knows. I will update this post and build the list as we get more data.

Any help appriciated.

Not sure if I understand this correctly. The PHB for Horizon Walker says:

Horizon walkers take their terrain mastery with them wherever they go. They retain their terrain mastery bonuses on skill checks, attack rolls, and damage rolls whether they’re actually in the relevant terrain or not.

So that means the terrain only matters (insofar as a list to be selected from) during level up when you choose which terrain to master in, such that tilesets does not matter at all?

Oh yes, good point, this is question of implementation. And to implement it properly would be too difficult and it would require list of creatures based on type instead.

I was going to give the bonuses to the player based on area instead. This way it would be much more useful in NWN world - afterall most modules are not using many custom appearance monsters and from vanilla monsters only few of them would qualify for “terrain type”. The situation won’t be much better with CEP as well.

Basing the bonuses on tileset is house rule but it makes more sense.

ok found the reposted skunkeen’s tileset list

now i would need to assign the tileset resref to as many tilesets from this list as possible

I want to implement horizon walker to give the +1AB/dmg bonuses when inside certain terrains, so far I would see the list of terrains to compose from:

aquatic (exterior/interior)
desert (exterior/interior)
marsh (anything resembling swamps)
mountains (only custom tilesets such as Rocky Mountains)
plains (rural and anything like vanilla rural)
civilization (city exterior/interior/sewers)
underdark (anything underdark specific, beholder caves, underdark vanilla tileset, drow interior)

cold planes (anything similar to the frozen wastes)
fiery planes (worm scorched earth, lava caverns might also qualify)
other (shadow/spectral tilesets, steamworks?)

This is just a draft but i think this would be enough choices as the class can select total of 10 terrains.

Now I just need to assign tilesets from skunkeen’s list under these categories and then find out their resrefs so I can code for it.

How to contribute:

if your module have some custom tilesets, open any area in such tileset and move mouse above some tile, you will see the tile name in status bar bottom left. It will write coordinates and also tile name, first 5 characters of any tile name are equal to the tileset resref. Post the tileset name + resref here, you might suggest terrain as well.