Looking for Multiplayer login (skip) for less wait gettign into multiplayer games (NWN Diamond)

I had a file in my old NWN 1 Diamond directory that I believe I got from the NWN vault. I do not recall the name, but when you log in for multiplayer NWN 1 (Diamond edition) it takes awhile like 20 seconds or so for it to get to the screen that says (could not find servers or something like that) I had a program that bypassed that 20 second wait instantly and brought me to the direct connect ip server screen I connect to. Does anyone out there possible know where I can get this program/feature? Thanks for help.

if i understand the problem correctly, and you’re running windows, i can tell you one way to do this. you’ll want to edit the file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and add the following lines : nwmaster.bioware.com nwnauth.kr.infogrames.com

this will cause the game to return instantly when searching for the master server.
if the point you’re waiting is at a different point in the process, this won’t work.

you could also simply skip everything by writing a .bat file that starts nwn w/the ip address directly, e.g. :

@echo off
cd \NWN
N:\NWN\nwmain.exe +connect {ip-address}:5121

i installed nwn to my N: drive in its own directory, so you’d want to replace N: w/the drive where you’ve installed nwn, \NWN\ w/the folder where you’ve installed it, and {ip-address} w/the address of the host you’re connecting to.