Looking for Persistent Furniture Mod

HunterAP mod is on nexus, which for some reason will not validate my account. The other persistent furniture mod on here is 0bytes.

If anyone knows where to find persistent player placeable furniture please let me know - thanks

If you were willing to code it, you might be able to get this done with properties saved to a player item (like a house key or something).

You’d want to save the name of the target location (the player house interior), the resref, and the position and rotation of each piece of furniture. Then you’d use a script to spawn each placeable onClientEnter.

I haven’t tried it, but I’m pretty sure that’d work. But it might create some server lag when players log in. If it DID do that, you might need to look at spawning them when the player enters their house, instead. Or some other thing like that.


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Thanks, only problem is that I am running the server on Windows, and NWNX is linux only atm :frowning:

Try looking into Docker. It’s a powerful tool that has many applications beyond allowing you to run NWNX: EE on windows.