Looking for playtesters


I’m looking for players that are interested in testing my new module “The Secret of the Founder”! I’ve finally decided to stop tweaking things and get some fresh eyes on it, hehe.

It is a medium-sized single-player module for a level 3 character that ends up at around level 8. It should be possible to play multiplayer, but it has not been tested yet :slight_smile:

Whoever is interested is free to download the module! I’ve uploaded it to dropbox for ease of access until I think it is stable enough to upload to the vault. I’d love to hear any feedback you might have in case you do play it!

Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vevaz1dbe2wpud3/SecretOfTheFounder_1.0.0-beta1.zip?dl=0


I’d love to playtest it! Question - should I play it single player (and be done quickly) or wait for a friend to play with in co-op? The latter would mean waiting for feedback at least a month though (we’re slowly playing through another long module right now).

Hi Werelynx!

Single-player feedback would be very appreciated! The multiplayer was never really the focus of the module, just no reason to disallow it. I can sort out any eventual bugs concerning the multiplayer over time.

Hi Rarosu.
I played as a male elf wizard (level 1 on entering, just enough XP to reach level 8 before the final encounter), on Linux.
In addition to what I found (mostly typos), I also made a few suggestions (here, so no spoilers visible on the forum).

This is great, thanks 4760! :smiley:

I’ll look into the points you mentioned and see what I can do about them

Looks like I was beaten to it!
I played with a cleric (scholarly theologician) which in hindsight wasn’t right class. While I could buy equipment suitable I should have picked wizard :stuck_out_tongue: I was also playing with NWN:EE.
Below you will find some QA:

I have decided not doing mayor crypt.

  • Pile of books in office wing can’t be opened
  • Towers’ doors which 4760 already addressed
  • “absense” - journal/library conversation
  • Guard in Minte is mute
  • Finesmith upper floor wardrobe is inaccessible (too far into wall)
  • can’t raise the dead dwarf in hidden chamber in mines
  • Eleonora conversation in sanctum is wrong, when asked what we should do she says “we should try to find runestones”
  • Could use better tileset for fire plane, air and earth. Also better models for efreeti na water elemental boss. I will find links and post them here later

Would love to play “second year” of students.

Thank you so much, Werelynx! Those are great points.

  • I’ll probably see if I cannot add more stuff for clerics, it should definitely be a viable class to play as. And every class needs to have stuff to waste their money on, hehe.
  • Making the dwarf raiseable is a great idea, especially for a cleric playthrough. I’ll make that possible!
  • If you know of any tilesets and models that would fit, I’d love to see them. It is a pain to make something seem planar with the ordinary tilesets, but I hesitated to add more custom content than necessary.

Custom content links: