Looking for Robert Straughan's Scripting Tutorial Module, "Capture Glory"

Does anyone have this module? The tutorial itself is in the Lexicon, but I can’t find the module in the Vault or Rolovault.

Asking for a friend:

The reason it is nowhere to be found is that it was hosted elsewhere than the ign vault. Just went on the wayback machine and the address of the redirect is http://cgi.nwvault.ign.com/dtracker.cgi?file=OTHER_1044836522765&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Etelarnia%2Ecom%2FDownloads%2FFiles%2FTutorial%2Ezip which in turn redirects to http://www.telarnia.com/Downloads/Files/Tutorial.zip which no longer exists and the wayback machine didn’t archive it. FWIW on the old vault page the zip file size is put at 2 mb.

FWIW I may have the original version of the tutorial sans the module. It is in the form of 10 (old-style .doc) word documents.


Why do you need the module? Are you stuck in the tutorial? (He asks Proleric) :wink:

You’d have to ask the author of the original question on Steam (link in the OP) but they’re likely long gone.