Looking for Scripters

Hi everyone

We have a very nice project in the works and we have a very nice core team working on it. That said we could use more help with scripting. We did get someone to join us who is helping in their free time but we could use some more help it anyone is interested in helping with a large project like ours.

NWN Dark Sun

You can check some of our work out on our Twitter page. https://twitter.com/NwnDarkSun

We all hang out, talk, help each other, share ideas, and screenshot on our discord channel.

If you or anyone you know would like to help just contact me.

Thanks for you time.

Hello everyone

I just wanted to update this by saying we are always looking for scripters/coders who would like to help work on our project. If anyone is interested just get in touch with me. We have a nice core team of people working on this project some only work on it a few hours a month while others of us work on it just about every day. We talk, share files, screenshots, and ideas, while working on the project over Discord.

You can also follow us on Twitter where we are slowly building a following. https://twitter.com/NwnDarkSun

Thanks for your time.