Looking for some help with loading modules

It seems that at some point in the last year or so something has changed with NWN on Steam
I can no longer run modules that I’ve downloaded from the “Neverwinter Vault”.
All the “hak” files and “mod” files, etc are where they are supposed to be but the actual module is not present in any of the “new game” tabs when launching the game.
Modules like “Dragonsbane” or “Swordflight”, etc.
Any help would be appreciated

As long as the modules in question have been placed to your my documents/Neverwinter Nights/modules directory, they would appear under the LOCAL TAB when you select NEW from the menu.

If that still does not work, check nwn.ini and find the path to MODULES and verify it is pointing to your documents directory.


Bear with me on this
The current path in my pc for NWN is
D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Neverwinter Nights…
You’re saying I need to create a folder in Documents and place the “hak” and “mod” files there?

Start the game once, look in your Documents folder, and you’ll find one called Neverwinter Nights that has the appropriate folders.

EG mine is C:\Users\NAME\Documents\Neverwinter Nights

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So just download the desired files into that location?

Thanks for the guidance
Off to slay monsters

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You could always use NIT to automate the process -

Neverwinter Nights Mod Installer Tool - NIT


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There is an installation guide which covers these issues for all platforms, including Steam.