Looking for specific Feat Hak/2da

I’m looking for a specific Feat Hak or 2da or script that allows you NOT to pick your mandatory feats at character creation. It’s out there but I deleted it and now I can’t find it. An example would be for a fighter…if you added up all the mandatory feats a Fighter got at creation (ex. shield feat, light armor, med armor…etc) he would have 18 (not sur if this number is correct, but assume it is), then you cold pick ANY 18 feats at level one instead of the mandatory ones. Thanks.


While I’m not familiar with the project you’re looking for, I’d start by looking into modifying the cls_feat_* and cls_bfeat_* .2das of the classes if you want to mess with the amount and types of feat that can be chosen on levelup. Fingers crossed that somebody knows the project you’re looking for, though. It’d kinda suck to have to redo already-done work.


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TheBarbarian is correct. For the fighter example, modify cls_feat_fight.2da in the following way:

  1. Locate all feats which have a “List” column value of 3 and a “GrantedOnLevel” value of 1.
  2. Count the number of feats that meet that criteria (6 IIRC)
  3. For those feats, replace the “List” values with 0 (character feats only), 1 (both character & class feats), or 2 (class feats only). Replace the “GrantedOnLevel” value with -1. I recommend using a List value of 1 since those proficiencies are both Fighter and General feats.

Then modify cls_bfeat_fight.2da in the following way:

  1. On the row that begins with 0, take the number of auto feats that you changed to optional and add that to the number of feats in the Bonus column, replacing that value. (replace 1 with 7)).

Pop them into a hak and now your fighters get 7 bonus feats at 1st level with no automatic feats.

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When said to “Pop them into a hak and now…”, if I modify the cls_bfeat_fight.2da, then is that the same as “Popping them into a hak”? Thanks in advance.

Also, where do I find these .2das? I just re-installed NWN Diamond edition and do have a 2dasource.zip file with all the 2das in there but where would I put them after I modified them, in the override folder? What about the rest of the 2das in the zip file?

Proleric uploaded a convenient pre-extracted pack of the .1.69 level ones here:

And here’s the NWN Explorer for browsing and extracting game assets:

You should be able to put modified .2das into your override folder. As long as the module you’re playing doesn’t have it’s own versions of those .2das in it’s haks, that ought to work just fine. You don’t need to put in any of the other 2das, just the ones you’ve modified.

Before you go popping anything into your override folder I do have a question. Are you doing this for a module you’re creating or just for your own use? The reason I ask is because if it is for a module you plan to release you are much better off putting it into a hak. The reason being that if you make your players put something into the override it will affect all the modules they play afterwards which could break, or ruin the experience of, those other modules for them.


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Thanks. I’m using just for my own use and not for making modules. Good point though!!