Looking for the Author

Hey there,

Does anyone knows / remember who created these lovely golems ?
(found here : Cervantes compil)

I can’t figure why they are not animated. Is it on purpose ? Idk, so if the author is still around…

I created the stone and clay golem from the NWN2 clay golem by Schazzwozzer. The iron golem (?) is a variant created by someone. The clay and stone golems were originally released as part of Project Q and animate fine in that work. You can also find them in Project Q IV - linked from the main Vault page.

Can’t tell you why the versions in Cervantes’ compilation don’t work.

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Woa so fast! Thank you, I’ll look in that direction. Very nice work, as always.

Strange… Even if I only use Qv4 mod and haks, I get no animations from the golems.
They look fine in the editor, with their idle anim. but are still frozen in game.

I have no idea… looks like my core game must have broke somewhere.

Likely the animations are being overridden by something in another hak. There is a known issue with the Creature Compilation and the CEP and a few a others.

Mmm, could be with many haks.
Unfortunately I tested with only Qv4 haks. And as pstemarie told me, it supposed to work fine there…
Maybe it’s an issue only with NWNEE ?

You have anything from the workshop subscribed, in the /override, or /development folders?

Nan, I made sure of this

My bad, in the Qv4 appearance.2da I forgot to set the MODELTYPE to F. Change that and they should animate properly.

If not, I’ll have to dig deeper.

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Yep! that does work now, many thanks !

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