Looking for the Escape From Undermountain module

Hello everyone,

I remember playing this module as a teenager :

Now the server is offline, and the last post on the website is from April 7, 2017.
The admin was supposed to be working on a new version, have the server coming back online and publicly share the files from the module so everyone could download it and play it offline.
That never happened.

I tried to send an email from the website contact link : no answer.
I also tried to register on the Ironworks forums (http://www.ironworksforum.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=17)
but an admin has to confirm your registration before you are able to post : it has been at least a month now, and my account is still awaiting for approval.
So…i guess all this project is dead.

I was wondering though, if any of you would be in contact with the original creator, or if anyone knew a place where i could download the original module to play it LAN with some friends.

It is so sad many of these nice PW modules just disappear completely for everyone once the main hosting server dies…I remember so much old modules that i would like to play LAN…And they will never be publicly available as the creators decided to keep those on their harddrives…

Thanks anyway!

Requires Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition.

It’s on the fourth age, so it is now EFU:R



No. It has no link with actual Efu server (which is in fact Escape From Uncertainty : Revelations).
Of course i took a look around Efu, but both modules are from différent creators and nobody in EfU:r team seems to know the original Efu mod and creator.

No? Reading their website gave me that impression. Ah well, thought I had found it for you :smiley:

Probably gone then.


Yeah i thought too at first, but it’s not.

Escape From Undermountain creator even complained on his forums saying that Escape From Uncertainty : Revelations was the “fake efu server”, which is funny because Efu:r is also running for many years…