Looking for tool to create HAK file, no DL to be found

Hello there, I found out about the “Mysteries of Westgate” addon content, also found the files for download… but these are single files which, as it seems, need to be compiled into a .HAK file. Found info about two tools that should be able to, but none of these are available anywhere. Could please anyone post a DL-link to such a tool?

I may be missing something here but are you not just looking for NWhak which comes with the toolset?

Try here

@jimdad55 This is in the NwN2 section so a link to BD probably won’t help much. @nexus7 First try The Official Hak Editor. Alternatively you could try NWN PACKER V2.0. They are both supposed to work with NwN2.


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also, Tani’s nwn2packer here


but that gets me wondering what those “files” are… Mysteries of Westgate is a premium module that came out after the SoZ expansion. So, a full edition of it shouldn’t be a bunch of files… rather, it’s packaged w/ GoG’s Neverwinter Nights 2 Complete edition (eg).

so offhand i wouldn’t expect it to work (not to mention the p-word)

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nexus is talking about mow custom content package, released separately from the module by ossian studios. it’s mainly directed at builders to be used in their modules.

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First thank you all for your answers, didn’t expect that many of them!

kevL_s: P-Word?

Sorry I wasn’t sufficiently clear, yes I was talking about the files under Semper’s link. I already have the book-shaped Collector’s Edition and wouldn’t want to buy the whole game again for this one addon content. Couldn’t find it as a single purchase version either.

Thank you for now, I guess that helped (will try out later). :slight_smile:

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I use NWN2Packer as stated above.

kevL_s . . . I thought you were going with proprietary . . .

that actually makes more sense  :)