Looking For: Warhammer 40k Models


I seem to remember there being a Warhammer 40k armor set on the old vault at some point?

I haven’t ran across anything like that yet on the new one. Though easily could have missed it if it’s there.

There’s this hak: https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/model/warhammer-40k-pack

Though it isn’t the one I’m thinking of. The hak I’m thinking of had armor pieces and some neck slot pieces for backpack styled objects.

If you’re thinking of Xialya’s I don’t think it ever got released and was always a work in progress. I’ve put some things of theirs in the alongside other things I’ve found - alongside some donations made when they were a member of the project team - into the D20 Modern set.

We do have a Adeptus Astartes helmet and a good range of weapons, but so far I’ve had to adapt what armour pieces we do have into creating their armour. Take a look in there and see if you can find what you’re looking for and if not I’ll have a poke around in case I’ve stuff still in limbo waiting to go in.

Some of the stuff you can see in those images is contained in the D20 Modern armour pack, just not that obviously Adeptus Astartes armour. I’ve never tried modelling body parts though might have a go, however if anyone out there is prepared to try … :sunglasses:

Had a look over the stuff in the Modern D20. Looks pretty cool. Organized too, deffo a plus. I like the direction that it’s going in. As for the models, they’re pretty close to what I was thinking of.

As an aside, those shoulder guns look promising. They in process of being moved over to the side? That’d be some really cool VFXs if you could get it to line up along the shoulder area when firing it off with scripting.

Definitely a thought but probably beyond my modelling ability. :frowning:

Going to have to learn more about modelling VFX to make that happen.

Alternatively, barring custom modeling, could make a feat as a free-action feat. Then have a click to activate arrangement. Script fires off a scintillating sphere or great thunderclap VFX whenever the feat is clicked. Could add reload time and / or rapid fire.

Would be pretty simple to do too.

Would require Feat 2da, Spells 2da, and an object to store ammo or reload time variables on. Then just have a script modify the variables whenever it gets used.

Only other thing that might be useful would be a reload widget that allows the variable for ammo to be maxed out or added to.

Dunno if that offers any useful ideas, but it’s certainly doable with standard NwN and those shoulder mount pieces in the modern d20. Just would be center body as opposed to off the cusp of the cannon.

It would be a dream to have this armors/heads set. I really would like to play as an Adepta Sororitas. Any way to contact the author?