Looking for Writers (Dark Sun team is looking for writers)

Dark Sun for NWN

We are looking for as many writers as we can get. These writers will be the heart and soul of this project . Yes all of our 3D model that we are creating is nice and all, but to be honest its all just eye candy. Yes all the work that the model team is doing is going to help make this project look like Athas, which is really just helping to draw players in to your (the writers) stories and adventures. That’s right players will learn to like, love, miss, hate, or even want to kill the NPCs that you create. Its your stories that will engage the players and keep them coming back for more.

We aren’t creating a theme park mmo and our focus isn’t on over powered characters, raid bosses and epic items. If players want that kind of thing there are a ton of other games out there for them.

This project is an RPG (Role Playing Game) its about the NPCs, the creatures, the stories, the world. We want you (the writer) to help bring it all to life. We want you all (the writers) to create interesting NPCs and stories.

Think about Athas as a living breathing world. A world with rich people, poor people, kids, slaves, gladiators, merchants, shopkeepers, dancers, guards, thieves, animals, you name it. What all makes a world go round?

What all jobs are needed? What all can and does go wrong in a world full of people doing all kinds of jobs, fighting to get a head in life or on Athas just to live to see tomorrow? You are going to help to bring the City of Tyr and the whole world of Athas to life. The work you do will be the heart and soul of this project.

You can find out more about us by checking us out on the following sites.

Our website http://darksunsot.com/ which was created using and being hosted by https://wordpress.com/.

Our Twitter page https://twitter.com/DarkSunforNWN which just has a few screenshots of our work.