Looking to hire modder to make a specific mod

Hello, I’m willing to pay a reasonable price for a specific mod that makes your PC character to be controlled by AI. This already is possible, just in an inconvenient way.
How this can be possible?
The roots belong to Lilith mod https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/script/lilith-game-explorer-single-player-modules . Override files give your PC character a doll item when you start any campaign or module. There are 3 options, one of them is ‘‘Use: Unique power’’. When you cast this on your character, an additional menu comes up. There are plenty of settings that you can change various aspects of the current module/campaign. So when you cast unique power using a doll on your character then choose 4.Behaviour -> 5.Henchman functions -> 4.Create functional henchman from creature -> 23.Done. Then a copy of your character will appear. From this point, your current PC character does have an active AI which fights enemies on sight, cast spells, use feats, etc. Because additional is not necessary as it is extra henchman which I don’t need, we can completely remove it by casting a unique power from doll on the created copy from our PC characted. 10. Object / location manager -> 18. Destroy object / set object destroyable properties -> 6.Annihilate object -> 8.Done. Even the copy is destroyed, AI still is active and at the same time, you still can control your character. Now you could test by approaching any enemy and your PC character will engage enemies on sight. AI is only active till the game is restarted/save game loaded.
What I’m looking for?
I’m looking someone to create simple override file to give PC character an item like a doll or whatever with a unique power to cast on PC character to activate ON/OFF AI on PC character like above.

To make things simpler there is source code of Lilith code that might help to understand what causes to activate AI on PC character when your copy is created by following steps mentioned above.
Lilith Source https://neverwintervault.org/sites/all/modules/pubdlcnt/pubdlcnt.php?fid=3084
Lilith Override https://neverwintervault.org/sites/all/modules/pubdlcnt/pubdlcnt.php?fid=2612

If someone is interested please feel to discuss, this mod will be available in public and to discuss payment options and price please contact me with a private message or ernestas.paliulis@protonmail.com

I don’t fully understand all your requests.
Can I simplify by saying that you are looking for a script that turns a PC into an NPC?

Like in this arena where you can add to the roster your PC?
The same NPCs you see in the arena were originally created as a PC, and then transformed from the script into an NPC.

Sean_Maxhell, Not really. I’m looking for a tool (Playertool1-9) with a script that enables AI on your PC character while you still can control your PC character. When AI is active on your character, your PC fight’s enemies automatically on sight, because of the AI on your character. This can be done by the tutorial mentioned above. I just need a simpler method, casting ‘‘Playertool’’ just once to activate AI ON/OFF on your own character.

Ok, that is what I don’t understand. Every PC fight enemies automatically on sight.
Do you want to transform your PC to a BOT? He should walk around and clean areas from monsters when you are not on the PC?

@Sean_Maxhell , I understand that this might be confusing but I have made a video showing what I’m talking about. Please take a look. I’m looking someone to create a script to activate AI ON/OFF with single click. Mod is used in the video is called ‘‘Lilith’’, it also does have a source code, which I believe it should help to find out how to make AI activation on PC character in a simpler way.

Video - https://youtu.be/S7eUR5_KuVg

So… The player click just where the PC have to go, and the PC do the rest?
What is the sense of create a copy of the PC in the beginning?

Yes, AI wont move it self, only the player can click where to go, but AI can move it self if enemy is near by on sight and attacks and do the rest of combat. Meanwhile, the player still can choose and control the PC character by selecting which enemy to attack or cast spells or use potions or move around and AI still be active and will attack an enemy after 1-2 seconds again when the player become idle.

Creating copy of your character is the main thing, after copy is created then AI is activated on your main character. That’s why I’m looking to hire someone to find out what exactly happening during this process and why AI is being enabled after your self copy is created. So I’m looking someone to make a script which allows to turn AI ON/OFF with single click without doing those steps mentioned above.