Loosing saved data with toolset when closing and opening

Hi I came back to make big updates to my old stuff I shared ages ago so although Im a bit rusted, I know my way around the toolset quite well. But I get a really strange bug that never happened to me before with the old DVD versions of the game. Right now Im using the diamond ed. on win 10 with CEP 2.65. (I’m avoiding the EE version for the time being due to other bugs I got in that one!) (Old DVD version getting more attractive now…)

Anyway, for about 3 times now the toolset lost my new additions or my updated conversations and new custom items palette. (Note that I even rebuild the module then saved it and everything was fine when I did so each time!)

But now I noticed that if I close the toolset and load the modules like a day or two after (even backups) that sometimes for some reason it`s like the modules I saved and load back in the toolset only recover like 25% to 75% of the new additions I did, nothing ever loads 100% back.

The first time I was like uh? (maybe I forgot to save at some point (which was unlikely as I save after every changes I make!), the second time I became quite suspicious that it was a bug but now after a third time and after I created a high number of items in the palette that mysteriously vanished as if I never added them once I loaded the toolset again, it really started to annoy me

Did anyone get into this problem in anyway shape or form? If so any hint on a fix or workaround?


Okay, so I feel stupid even suggesting this, but here goes:

When I changed my laptop and my WinXP changed to Win8, suddenly none of the changes I did to my modules saved anymore. It took me some time to realise that Win8 didn’t let the toolset program save into the protected directories, which was where all the game files, and the modules, were.

Win8 has this stupid thing where it requires you to run basically anything as administrator, and that “safety” setting was interfering with the toolset. Once I set the toolset to always" run as admin" the problem was solved.

Like I said, I’m only throwing this out there on the odd chance.

that’s actually a very important note.

I’ve heard of people who stopped using the “Program Files” hierarchy altogether …