Loot System with CEP/PRC Issue

Spent 8 hours trying to figure this one out yesterday. Looking for some help on this. I’m firmly set on using the following loot system. It just seems there’s a major change with PRC somewhere that is breaking the system. It really doesn’t rely on too much outside of its own scripts. I’ve tested about everything I can think of and also went off suggestions from the PRC guys.

This is pretty quick to setup to test.

If anyone has any ideas for what I should look at, let me know and I’ll look. Or if you want to take a stab at this yourself.

Loot System: Commche's Random Loot Generation System v2.0 (final) | The Neverwinter Vault

Takes about 5 min to configure on a new Module. Drop in some default gobs and starting location, and you can quickly test and see how it should work. Then throw PRC installer (injector or manual install) and it won’t work anymore.

As soon as PRC is added to the mix, the monster corpses just do not stay. Something is running in-front of that and it never initiates the blood stain and bag on the body. Then the body is removed after 5 seconds per the default corpse decay time. Where as without PRC the loot system takes over and keeps the corpse until looted or a timeout happens.

I’ve imported from a module that works and allowed all scripts to overwrite. Makes no difference.

I have edited both onSpawn and onDeath for the creature, commented out anything PRC related, and even replaced those scripts from my module where it is working. Even with leave corpse command added to the onDeath script, it doesn’t leave it, it’s still being removed by the default corpse decay timer.

So it doesn’t seem to be related to any of those scripts that the loot system actually touch. Because I replaced them all from a working module and it still make no difference.

PRC guys are insisting they don’t do anything with the corpses. But they do a lot with death checks. And that may be my issue, where it’s checking something then forcing the default corpse removal. But would those only be from the onDeath script set for the monster?

I know this isn’t the PRC support team, but I’m just trying to figure out some other things to look at that might be causing this.

Looks like it was indeed a script they use in one of the HAKs. Makes sense as to why any changes I made, didn’t do anything. Time to modify!

I hate scripts in haks :stuck_out_tongue: