Lords of Darkness (Fantus) Crash help

Wondering if anyone has encountered this problem. I play the first in the series and it works fine until I hit the castle quartermaster ( I cant quite remember the castles name maybe “Leynard” I’m at work) The game crashes when opening the store. Info: GOG version with crit rebuild. Added CEP1 through the complete installer. I have 171 CP installed. I first tried with Q patch hacked and many other overrides without 171 and had the same behavior so I cant say it is 171. Any ideas for me to try? The log doesnt say anything except running store convo.

  • Mark

Just to be clear: Is this happening in the first module? And have you checked the error log for information on what might have caused the crash?

Yes, first module and the log did not show anything. I will re-check again tonight and try without 171, I don’t think that is it.

Try with an empty override. The game is originally from 2004 and doesn’t know about all the stuff in your override. Plus adding project Q as a patch hak is done at your own risk so remove it as well. In other words first try it as though it is still 2004. The other thing is what version of NwN are you playing with? If it is EE forget about the community patch as a lot of that has been rolled into EE. If it works once you have removed stuff from your override, then you can try adding things back until it breaks again.

Just realised you are trying to use both CEP and Project Q in the same module. That may well be your problem. They do not play nice together. So project Q is definitely going to have to go because this particular module is designed to use CEP.


TR, Thanks for the sugguestions. I need to clairify that the first time I had Q and Cep together and a bunch of overide stuff. Then I cleared everything and just put cep1 and 171. Oh and I have 1.69 gog ver

As it’s the GOG version I need to ask - have you installed the 1.69 critical rebuild patch? In spite of what GOG (and certain people on the GOG forums) say, it is essential for the proper working on NwN. To be blunt there are some things missing from the GOG version that the patch puts back in.

If it’s not that, I am afraid I am all out of ideas.


Yeah, have the rebuild installed. Well thanks for your time anyway. I’ll keep struggling along.

  • Mark

I think I got it. Seems the CEP1 installation I was using was corrupt. So thank again for all the help.

  • Mark

Can you send more details? Did you have CEP1 Complete before - and that caused crash? Or you had CEP1 from other source? If you had CEP1 complete before, what did you installed now that fixes it? CEP1 Complete again or different version?
I would like to find out if there is a bug in CEP1 Complete.

This is incorrect. Only the engine fixes has been corrected in NWN:EE so only the minor part of community patch handled by nwnx is no longer useful (and that part has still very useful features that are not provided by NWN:EE like custom spellcasters so even that is probably wrong statement). NWN:EE contains no content fixes so far thus CPP is still useful.

I will see if I can dig up the dates of the different CEP1 installers. I don’t think you need to worry as the last one a used was a fresh download off the vault. I have just accumulated a lot of NWN downloads over the years :slight_smile: It fixed after that new download was installed. Thanks, by the way for all your efforts with the CEP complete and the CPP.

  • Mark