Lost Guyven

So I got Crossroad Keep, finally, but I see Guyven missing. The only way I can find this plausible is that I didn’t pick “You’ll always have a place by my fire” and instead picked “You’ll always be welcome in my house”, even though they’re of the same meaning. Regardless of the why, anybody know how I can spawn him in? And before anybody says something about the toolset, know that I virtually have no idea how to work it.

Open the console window (the “~” button) and type:

DebugMode 1
rs ga_global_int(“01_Join_Guyven”, “1”)
DebugMode 0

Then re-enter the CK court area.

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… HUH. Who knew the console could do that?

Well, you knew, but that’s besides the point. I know this one isn’t relevant, but is there a command to change Keep statuses, too? Like one for improving road security?

Here are some of them:

Road security 0…100 21_Security_Road
Land security 0…100 21_Security_Land
Merchants 0…100 21_Merchant
Peasants 0…100 21_Peasant
Morale -6…6 01_GC_Morale
Training 0…5 01_GC_Training
Armor 0…4 01_GC_Armor
Weapon 0…3 01_GC_Weapon
Greaycloak Civility -10…10 01_Civility_Greycloak
Populace Civility -10…10 01_Civility_General

The instructions are similar:

DebugMode 1
rs ga_global_int(“Variable Name”, “Change”)
DebugMode 0

Replace Variable Name with the name of the proper variable and Change with its new value. If want to increase the current value by 1, for example, type +1 in place of Change. If you want to decrease, type -1. If you want to set a new value, simply type this value, without + or - signs.


I don’t see Greycloak numbers. Regardless, much appreciated. You’ve made the good list.

Total number of units in CK: (A) initial number of men + (B) number of recruited + (C) number of volunteered + (D) number of mercenaries joining in one of the Kana special events - (E) number of reinforcements sent to Neverwinter in one of the Kana special events.

(A) initial number of men is equal to 50 (fixed).
(B) number of recruited = 0…250.
(C) number of volunteered = 0…250.
(D) number of mercenaries joining = 50 (fixed);
(E) it can be equal to 5%, 10% or 20% of the total number of units available at the moment when this event fires, depending on your choice.

Losses and injuries don’t affect the total number of units in the vanilla game.

So the max total number of units is 600.

If you are going to increase the total number of units, increase also the number of recruited or volunteered men so that all numbers would be consistent with each other.

Total number of units 10…600 01_GC_UnitCount
Number of recruits 0…250 21_Num_Recruited
Number of volunteers 0…250 21_Num_Volunteered

I thought it was possible to recruit, like, a thousand troops or so. Also, is there a command for Keep time?

I don’t recommend you messing up with the Keep time as you can easily break the main plot.


I don’t intend on advancing it, just rewinding it so I can improve the Keep’s status a bit more before we advance in the plot.

So what, you don’t know a command for Keep time? Or is this a crime and you refuse to be associated in fear of the Harper Agents showing up?

I know, but you didn’t use the magic word.

Shoot, you’re right, uhhh-


Nevermind, I figured out the command myself. You’re FIRED.

I’m glad for you :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m actually still surprised at how straightforward it was. Then again, if nobody in the fandom used the term “time unit”, I probably never would’ve figured it out for myself.