Lost key. Force unlock doors in single player?

I just lost key somewhere, I put it somewhere and now I don’t remember where is it. I’m stuck in OC Beggar’s Nest, where Evil priest is in the basement and I have to kill her, but I can’t open her room doors without a key. It supposed to be ‘‘Ancent key’’ but without it, I can’t enter the room. Any console command or any other method I can force unlock that doors without a key or any other way to get inside the room in single player mode?

dm_spawnitem m1q5ekey

I think that’s the right one.

Thank you very much it is that one.

Additionally, if someone has had the same problem this guide also help, you can teleport your self with the + key in debug mode. Just point the cursor on the unexplored/locked room and you will be there.

Enable cheats by hitting ~ and typing in DebugMode 1 and hitting Enter.
In any area, hold the cursor at a point where you want to go and hit + on the number pad. To instantly kill a tough enemy, hold the cursor on it and hit the y key. You can even use the instant kill cheat to break most doors, chests, and boxes.