Lost Material Request To All That've Been Here Forever

Hi NWN2 Forum!
Well it’s been a very long, long time. [not cue Platoon.wav].

I had some material once upon a time that was a bunch of hak erf mod etc files for a WIP based on the player being a Werewolf.

Would anyone happen to have that stuff still?

I would not really kill for it but perhaps close to that.

Please fileshare if you have any of it, please?

Just went to the front page and used the search on there for your user name. 2 pages of links came up. If you contact @Fester_Pot they should be able to transfer ownership of your stuff over to you.

This is what I saw.


Thanks TR that stuff came up for me as well - nb the tomb_of_horrors_final.hak is bugged i had to to a deep search to find it. the thing is it’s been so long my insane mind cannot remember t he name i gave it. i only care now that i’ve potentially lost it.

so, ya. it’s the werewolf module - back when nightmare was around ffs lol

Cannot find that in the old data files. Was it not uploaded to the original IGN NWVault? All that the search found was The Tomb of Horrors module and Tintable Circle Pack by you. I gave you ownership of both here anyway.


Thanks FP.

I remember sharing it with someone in a direct fileshare must’ve been six years ago Kamal KevL someone that was active on the bioware forums - we did some MP games for a while but jeez its been forever really just hoping the right person sees my request :smiley:

I searched what nwn files I have but nothing werewolf.


all i see atm (on my drive) is ToH and TintableCircles

good t’see ya anywas,


Although it has not been implemented within module one of The Scroll, the Werewolf code I have in place for module two is complete and within the module one campaign files.

So, if you are prepared to dig into the code in the latest download, just look for the lycanthropy scripts and you may be able to extract what you need. (Lycanthropy will be in The Scroll’s module two with these scripts.)

The Scroll can be downloaded here.

And here is a blog post I made about it at the time: https://worldofalthea.blogspot.com/2019/06/episode-6-having-bad-were-day.html

I had also better point out that some of the code will be harder for you to implement because I have incorporated a time system (with full moon cycle) as well. It’s a case of take what you need, and look at how I have implemented it with new GUI for change form as well.

Cheers, Lance.


Hey Lance,
Thanks for chiming in.
If you might also have the 2da for the werewolf pc, that would be cool, as it would lessen my re-learning curve.
Thanks for the link. It will surely save me time.

OOps is see now. The Scroll is everything. disregard previous request.

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Hi Morbane,

Just to be clear by the way: The code in my module is when a PC contracts Lycanthropy and is forced to play as a were creature due to the “disease/curse”. It is NOT a new “character class” that a player chooses to play. I hope that does not disappoint your requirements.

Thanks, Lance.

Lance, your works never disappoint.
I have completed a very deep search of several archives. My junk is nowhere to be seen.
If i did give it to someone, they never transmitted it to those archiving nwn1&2 stuff.
I did find some interesting pieces, also incomplete but interesting just the same. I was kind of bummed, since even though my stuff was also incomplete that it just disappeared so easily - with just a slight screen flicker, my 2TB drive died electronically, requiring me to get a new board from overseas in the hope i can retrieve my data without spending 1000’s of dollars… sigh.


Truth be told, that so much was saved when we lost the old hosting location is a testament to the dedication of the community. I am thankful that there was something to come back to.


I am honestly beside myself with nostalgic glee the community remains so vital

I am re-enthralled with nwn2 building


Good to see an old ghost of nwn2 (and nwn1)

Not just saved, but added to with new tools and techniques.

Ok so I have a 6x1920x1080 rig
So my toolset is insanely arranged
No, I can’t use all 6 at once - that would be wow
But I do use the 3 bottom ones- nerdgasm toolset
Seeing the community alive and long timers like rjshae adding to existing projects is beyond cool or awesome but incredibly both of those
I have to consciously reserve myself but I’ll adjust and when my HDD is revived (hoping so) I can continue my lycan adventure mod.:ghost::alien::sunglasses::smiley_cat: