Lots of Damage

Hi All,

I was quite surprised at how much damage a PC can do in some situations … My wife plays more than I do, and I noticed that she did 81 damage in one hit! I was so surprised, I actually did a debug to check if it was correct.

Her 9th level fighter was wielding a +3 Great Axe two-handed and scored a critical hit while under the influence of Bulls Strength … The fighter also had Power Attack. Wielding the two handed weapon gave her 1.5 normal damage bonus, as well as double the normal +3 power attack bonus to +6. Then everything got tripled due to the critical hit! There were a couple of other bits and bobs going on, which probably cancelled each other out, but the result of 81 against the goblin made mincemeat of it! :slight_smile:

Any other stories of large damage scores being made out there?

I mean, I’m sure there are, but what would be considered normal or large for a 9th level fighter PC … or what have your PCs hit for damage that you can recall?

Cheers, Lance.


It varies a lot. If you don’t need social skills Barbarian Rage is a popular feat to build around. Another way to go is Rogue with back stab multiples.
You will find hundreds of examples here - http://nwn2db.com/builds/search

You can vary the search parameters to only levels and classes allowed in your work. I don’t think you have to register unless you want to save (watch) particular builds for reference.

There is extensive discussion of the topic here. https://www.com/groups/nwn2db/