Maddening Eye Bug

This is probably a bug of my own making but i would still like to know if it can be fixed.

I used MDBCloner to swap one of the male heads from the “Faces of Neverwinter” mod with a female one because it was more aesthetically pleasing.

Unfortunately after doing that his eyes start to bug out as as soon as my character moves his head, both during game play and cut scenes. It’s quite the vision of Hell looking at his eyes leaving its sockets and going through his eyelids.

I did a quick test with a female character using the same face and the bug didn’t occur, which means that something went wrong during the cloning process.

I’m still a novice at modding the games of this franchise so i would be very grateful if anyone with more experience could offer some insights as to where i went wrong.

Thanks in advance.

The reason is that the male and female skeletons look similar, but are different, and this is true for the heads (and therefore the eyes) too.
In addition to having different positions, the head (and eyes) bones influence the head mesh differently, which is why you have the behavior you describe.
The only way I found to fix this was to reskin the model.


Thank you! Figures it wouldn’t be as easy as just replacing the head and call it a day.

Now to follow a crash course in just how exactly i’m going to reskin that mesh.

I had a similar issue converting gnome heads to the human skeleton. Though I was performing an entirely different procedure.

I’m pretty sure I managed to solve it, the heads are live in BGTSCC anyway.
I’d recommend using blender with freshlook’s import/export tools, and having a look at vanilla skeleton objects imported into blender and comparing them with the similarly imported custom/modified heads, the ones you’re working on, you want the bone (child objects of the skeleton/armature) names and their weight influence (in so far as to what body part they’re for) in the mesh to match the equivalents from your target skeleton/armature.

But yeah I think with the correct bone name changes all player models are compatible with each other between different races. Though do keep in mind this might not apply entirely to full-on custom head models, folks tend to simplify how many bones are interacting with the mesh here.

Thanks for letting me know and providing instructions.

I was afraid it would involve Blender, i have no problem using Nifskope to tweak stuff but Blender is a bit out of my league.

Still you’ve given me a nice head start so i might try my luck when i’m feeling confident enough i’ll not mess up things further.

Feel free to hit me up on discord if you need further guidance or have any questions, I’m on the vault discord.

Will do! Thanks again.