Mage cant use resurrection scroll

I made a new character , a mage rogue and even with UMD of 43 he cant use a resurrection scroll. I know there must be something in the settings messed up but cant find it because my other characters are fine.

Is your mage a specialist wizard? Resurrection is considered to be a spell of the Conjuration school, so if you are an Abjurer, Evoker or Transmuter you will not be able to use that scroll since Conjuration is the opposed school for those three branches of the arcane. UMD will not affect this. This only affects scrolls, so if a Rod of Resurrection is available you should be able to use that.

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Ah ok I guess I need to look in the books some more I have never heard of that and I have played this game for 15 years. Of course I have not played wizards to much Iā€™m more of a mele player. Thank you for your help.