Magic DR interaction with ranged weapons and ammo?

What it’s used to bypass the magic damage reduction of a creature when attacking with projectile weapons? Since the projectile weapon usually haves Attack Bonus and the ammo Damage Bonus and from my understanding, to bypass magic damage reduction it requires the
enhancement bonus property.

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You should be a bit more specific.

  • How the damage reduction applied (Item, Feat, Spell, Potion …) ?
  • Which damage type is meant (piercing would be typical for ranged weapons, but …)?
  • We are talking about damage reduction (i. e 25% of damage is soaked)? I don’t think so.
  • There is damage resistance, that is something different (i.e 10/3, which means 10 point are soaked unless the attacker uses a +3 weapon or better)

For the latter example of damage resistance (10/3) +3 projectiles should do the trick.

Yeah, by Magic DR i was refering to the later example that you gave (10/+3). I tested it a little bit, and is either the Attack Bonus property or the Enhancement bonus property that allows you to bypass that damage reduction, in ranged weapons, the weapon is used to bypass that DR instead of the projectile.