Major Fix For EE Version of TR's Glows & Rainbow Rats

TR’s Glows
Rainbow Rats V 2.0

Due to the continuing updates to NwN EE’s rendering engine, these updates have become necessary. The previous fixes, that had previously worked, now rendered these placeables/creatures as pure white. By using a feature of the new rendering engine (glow maps), these updates restore the colours but comes at the costs that the placeables are only suitable for use in dark areas and the size of the haks have more than doubled for the EE version. So “swings and roundabouts”. On the plus side the rats glow a little brighter now.

So if you are on EE and use a previous version of one or both of them, please update to the new version(s). If, however, you are on 1.69/Diamond or earlier, please continue to use the original versions.

As this has implications for my other projects that have the glow in the dark feature, I will be updating those in the coming days.


I wish somebody who used the previous EE version had let me know about this problem before. I only discovered it by accident while playing around with the “fancy maps”. Had they done so, these fixes would have been made much earlier.


I used the glows two years past at Hallowe’en with our class Tarot and they worked fine, at least I thought so…

That was before the lighting update though. Anyway 2 more glowing projects to go still…


Small update to the Rainbow Rats. Fixed a small missing texture issue (right rear foot on 3 of the rats). For a very small increase in size have also added full “fancy mapping” to all of the rats.