Make container unlootable

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Is there a way to make a container unlootable. I want the PC to be able to see what is in a container and seeing it will update a quest, but i don’t want them to be able to take those items. I could of course check their inventory when they leave the area or put something in the OnAquire script, but can I just set the container to unlootable. Setting the contents to non pickpocketable does not prevent removing the item.


If the inventory is accessible, there’s no way to prevent looting entirely, but you can script OnDisturbed to return the item to the container, which has the same end result.

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Call SetItemCursedFlag on each item in the container to make them browseable but unlootable. For example, you can do this (once) in OnOpen.

This will also work with contents of bag items, but unlike placeables, player can split cursed stacks in a bag and take them (flag gets cleared - bug?).


Awesome, thanks guys. I hadn’t thought of setting teh cursed flag. That worked great. In fact, I didn’t even have to set it with an on open script. Just set the blueprints to “cursed” in the toolset.

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