Make door not static through scripting?

Is there a way to make a static door non-static through scripting? I was thinking that it would be cool if a door became usable/non-static after you’ve met a certain npc. Before that the player doesn’t know that this door, or house, is interesting at all, but when you meet an npc you want to examine what’s behind the door. Is that at all possible in the toolset? I tried searching for a function but couldn’t find anything…

Hmmm, maybe one could do two doors, and the first one is static and then the other, on top of that one, is script hidden, then destroy the first static door after you met the npc and make the other visible…

Oh, it seems you can only make creatures script hidden…

Tried with making a door static, do ga_destroy on the door through a conversation and then spawn a new door with a simple script that looks like this:

void main()

object oTarget;
object oSpawn;
location lTarget;

oTarget = GetWaypointByTag("door_mikondor_wp");

lTarget = GetLocation(oTarget);

oSpawn = CreateObject(OBJECT_TYPE_DOOR, "door_mikondor2", lTarget);


It doesn’t work at all. Really strange. I thought at least that the first door, which is static would dissapear with the ga_destroy script in the conversation but that door remains and no new door that is usable appears in front of it…

Hmm, I got the ga_destroy script to work when using a shorter tag for the door, however the spawn door script didn’t work. When looking at the function it seems the CreateObject doesn’t support doors, just other placeables, so maybe I’ll just have to give up on this idea alltogether.

I would just destroy the first placeable door when the NPC is talked to, and make a new placeable door in its place that is usable.
Just saw this was NWN2, not NWN1 - don’t know if you have placeable doors in NWN2…

Yes, we have.

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We need some vault appartheid.
Both NWN equal but separate.

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Sadly these placeable doors don’t work. At least not on my computer. Maybe it’s because they were made for version 1.10 of NWN2.