Make new feats for NWN2

Hi all a question … if i want to create a new feat and set the use like 2 use a day + CHA bonus … where in the feat.2da i set the CHA bonus to be used ?

I read the turn undead feat line but i don’t find references.

Best regards.

Perhaps @Clangeddin will know. I think he is sorta the expert. But then again I’m new to this. Hope you find a solution.

The closest thing is to type 294 on the UsesMapFeat Column of the new feat.
It will work like Divine Shield and DIvine Might, consuming uses per day of Turn Undead.
As for the number of uses per day you can only set the fixed value on the 2DA, you can’t define a scaling attribute, that value is hardcoded for specific feats.

Well… actually, there is a workaround to make a feat “scale” up with an attribute but it’s an incredibly laborious process, you need to make 22 feats with different uses per day (from 2 to 22 + 1 for checking) and then modify the OnRest script to grant you the proper feat depending on your CHA modifier. (you could also make a persistant feat to check this without needing to rest, but I think there would be some form of exploit involved that would allow to regain the uses of the feat without resting).


Thanks for the answer so we need to code in some way the bonus use there is no way in the 2da to set this features.