Making a door talk

Hi there!

Well, I want to make a conversation between the PC and a door.

I tried using “nw_g0_convplac” on scripts, but there’s no “OnUse”, I tried in “OnFailToOpen”, “OnUserDefined”, etc.

The fact is that the door is initially closed and, depending on the conversation, the door will get unlocked or not.

Any suggestions?

Set the door as locked and use nw_g0_convdoor as the OnFailToOpen event script.

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While it doesn’t directly answer your question, for a lot of things door look at the scripts in my Fun Doors project.

Also have you got the scripting FAQs (see the Neverwinter Nights Newbie FAQ #2.pdf in particular).


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Thanks, I don’t know what I did wrong yesterday, I thought I used nw_g0_convdoor as the OnFailToOpen event script, but now I tried again and it worked!! Thanks!!

I will look at the scripts on your module, probably I can get some really good ideas and scripts from there!!


Just exactly what I needed right now too!

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