Making a door unable to be used (and only switch activated)

Hey guys, I have a door in a module I am working on. It is important for aesthetic reasons that this door only opens via a specific lever. That part all works fine. The door is locked so it cannot be opened manually, and must be opened via lever. It also can be functionally closed via the same lever. However, it is still possible to manually close the door by hitting ‘use’ on it, because this functionality doesn’t appear to check whether the door is locked. I do not know if this is possible, because doors are not placeable objects, so I cannot set the usable flag in the way I would for a placeable. Is there a way to do what I seek?

You can’t make a door unusable, but you can detect closure in the OnClosed event, and immediately open the door again if the lever wasn’t used.

Alternatively, you can apply a Cutscene Invisibility effect to the door when it’s open. That means the door disappears and cannot be used until the lever is pulled again.

There are placeable “doors” in CEP etc. Those can be unusable. There are also “gateblocks” - invisible objects that are used to make the doorway walkable or unwalkable. Unfortunately, only a few of those doors have open/close animations.