Making a hak - I'm clueless

Hi, I’m trying to make a hak from this:

I can put the files into a hak, but I don’t know what to do about the 2da part. Also, it mentions in the description about renaming files due to DHCRS - not sure what that is, and a Google search hasn’t helped.

Can anyone help me with this?

Hi, @tdman
I’m not sure about this DHCRS thing, but after checking this link, I’ve got some clues. See, bodyparts and helmets, heads, etc. are special case - and you can’t have two, for example, helmets with this same name of the model. I’m guessing, the author named these models to work with this “DHCRS”.
If you’re not using any other hakpack, try to put them into a new hak and add to your module, see, if they work ok. If not, write down names of troublesome models, and change them.

About 2da - usually, it’s list of models & their properties. It changes with new patches and added haks.
Solution - grab the newest .2da files, add 2da lines supplied by hak’s author to them,
remember to re - number them, if needed.

I’m aware, that it’s sketchy description, but there are too many details, to put them in the post, if you need other information about haks, and dealing with them, you can find it here:
viceo custom content tutorials
NWN wiki

The only other reference to DHCRS is in a module by the Hak’s creator called Amazon. Maybe grabbing it and playing around will offer more clues.

The Custom Content Guide is also useful.