Making a merchant using the toolset

So i’m playing a nice module “sands of fate” and the limited gold per merchant isn’t something i like so i was thinking about making a merchant in the age of town to dump my items.
Problem is i made a merchant already and i save the module but it doesn’t show when i load my game.
I also edited the forge merchant to make it have unlimited gold and saved but it didn’t save my changes.

Can someone tell what am i doing wrong?

Save games are not modified when you modify the module. You’ll want to start a new game.

If you feel comfortable enough using the toolset, then the modifications you made to the area with the added merchant, can be exported from the toolset and placed in the /development folder. This way when the save game is loaded, it will use the area in the development folder I believe.


I don’t think that’s feasible in this case. The merchant is an area instance, held in a .git file. In a saved game, the .git also contains the saved status of every object instance in the area, which you would not want the module version to overrride, as that would be regressive, and possibly corrupting.

As mentioned on another forum, you can use nwhak and gff editor to modify the .git file in the save, if you don’t mind the learning curve.

It is possible, to add a merchant into any running module (not tested on EE). Should I post it?

If you’re going to cheat anyway, why not write a script that will spawn and open a custom shop for you anytime you need. I guess this is what @Mmat is rerfering to.

Extract the compiled script (.ncs) to override, then run it in debug mode. You just need to give the file a unique name (read: not present in the played module or it won’t work).

This has lowest chance of backfiring since you’re not modifying the save game (nor module’s logic) and can always reload if anything goes wrong.

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Right. I can export a custom script to open the shop, the blueprint of a shop and a custom item to activate it. Creating an handling such things is a mission impossible for a less experienced player, so I would post it if somebody shows interrest.

All you need is the script. The inbox shop blueprints should be fine as base. Spawn one far away from the area and nuke its contents on first run. Custom item also means interference with the module, so I’d use one of the greatly underused Player Tool feats or a text macro.

In hindsight, the easiest way to access an instant shop is to call Volkarion:

##DebugMode 1
##dm_spawncreature x2_djinn
##DebugMode 0

He’s got steep prices, but that’s some way to balance the cheating.

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Customize Character Override HAK (CCOH) | The Neverwinter Vault lets you use all the default stores through the crafting menu.

@sataricon - what fp says is basically true under normal circumstances, but it’s not so hard to get around the need to start a new game. just modify the merchant you want in the toolset [as you did] and drop it into your saved game using the hak trick.

if the merchant isn’t spawned from template each time [which is often the case], the process is more involved. in this case :

  1. use the hak trick to export the .git file of the area you’re interested in [it will be named identically to the resref you found in the toolset].
  2. open the .git file in the gff editor.
  3. locate and expand the ‘StoreList’ branch.
  4. click on each store number one by one until you find the one you want to modify. you’ll usually be able to identify it looking at the LocName or Tag fields. you may need to cross-ref this w/info you found when you opened the mod in the toolset.
  5. within the entry you’ve located, change the MaxBuyPrice to -1.
  6. save the .git file and close the gff editor.
  7. drop the .git file back into the hak, save it, and close the hak editor.
  8. rename your hak back to your savegame and bob’s your uncle.