Making ACP work with CEP

Greetings and salutations! Does anyone have experience making the Alternate Combat Animations work with CEP robes and appearances, and if so, how did you do it? Also, is that the only existing conflict, or are there any lingering conflicts with mounted phenotypes, heavy phenotypes, or any of the other cep armor appearances?

It’s been a long time since I looked at it, but if I remember correctly the ACP was implemented in its own set of phenotypes. I think you’ll have to check the ACP for which phenotypes it’s using and see if there’s an overlap with CEP’s phenotypes.2da. If there is then assuming the model files aren’t compiled you’ll have to move one by editing the files. I did a bit of that when I did the Sanctum merge with CEP and Project Q, but that was about seven or eight years ago. Good luck!

Robes are another issue. You need unique models for each phenotype.

Normally, a new phenotype can simply use the armour part models for an existing phenotype (identified by the Default Phenotype column in the 2da).

However, robes are rigged in a more complicated way, because they move with the entire body, so the developers thought it best to insist on unique models.

The good news is that in almost every case, if you copy the robe models from one phenotype to another (using Model Renamer or any other tool that edits the internal name references), the results look perfectly OK.

The only exception I can recall is the long coat models that were introduced with 1.69. You can work around that by excluding those models from your module, or detecting the model before changing phenotype (“you can’t dance with your coat on” or whatever).

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Thank you, gentlemen. It’s looking way above my pay grade. However, I will find this so-called Model Renamer and explore my options. I thought after all of these years that someone would have made a CEP-friendly packaged version for the ACP (and maybe someone has and I just haven’t discerned its location).

But thank you two again for your assistance. It’s nice to see that there are those other than me that keep the home fires burning.

Have you tried ACP & CEP2 Robes? Superficially, it sounds like it might fix your problem.

In addition, the ACP page says that it uses the same phenotype codes as the CEP horses. The latter aren’t used much since 1.69 introduced the official horses, so you might be happy to accept that situation. You’d probably need to merge the CEP and ACP 2da files, but that should be easy.

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Ah-hah! So someone had done the grunt work already. And merging the 2da’s shouldn’t be too hard. But I wonder, is that package meant to be merged with the ACP 4.0 or sit along next to it? Or stand alone altogether? It’s significantly smaller in download size which makes me suspcicious.