Making More Items Stackable

Hi All,

In the process of making module 2, which brings its own new issues, I am considering making more items “stackable”. I have already done this with a number of items for my first module, and am now considering some others. My question to everyone is, can you see any potential issues for me doing so … and are there any other items that people wished would stack?

Currently, I am considering making stackable:-

  1. Trap Kits. (Increasing 1 > 10)
  2. Crafting Base Materials (E.g. Ingots. Planks) (Increasing 1 > 100)

Any foreseeable issues? Any other stack suggestions?

Cheers, Lance.

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Just keep in mind that any scripts for crafting and other things will likely need tweaked if calling on an item that was not previously stackable. I usually find that upping stacking limits in general is something players appreciate.

Gems 10 to 100
Arrows, Bolts and Bullets 99 to 9999
Throwing Weapons 50 to 10000

Hi Clangeddin,

Gems I have already done to 100 since module 1. :slight_smile:

However, I have had to deliberately keep ammo and throw weapons to a maximum of 50 due to the way the economy works … It gets quite complicate to explain it, and I’m not sure I can recall all the coding behind it myself (done many years ago), but it was to do with how many a player could buy or sell as well.

@ kalbaern: I believe I have most of that covered as I had to rewrite a lot when I did other crafting fixes. However, a good point, and one that may well need closer inspection (again). At this stage it may be the responsibility of the player to ensure they have not placed too many of a required item in due to stacking. I’ll check and consider making it more player friendly if I think it needs it. :wink: EDIT: Just tested crafting a shield with stacked ingots and it worked fine. Phew!

Cheers, Lance.

Just watch out for anything with charges as using an item in a stack will take a charge off every item in that stack.

Potions and scrolls that stack past 10 would be handy but 100 is probably overkill since especially potions should take up some real estate given how hard it would be to actually carry around a large number of bottles. Maybe stacks of 20?

Good point about the charges on an item (in a stack). I don’t recall having anything like that, as I believe all my charges items are individual item types with unique resrefs or tags. Therefore, they would not stack with each other.

You’ll be pleased to hear that I have had stackable potions (10) - and scrolls since module 1. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Lance.