Making people attack you ! Please ignore this it's in the wrong place!

Seeing as this is a long way into a module it would take me ages to test it so before I do it, is this possible ?

Can I change people to hostile by using the ga_faction join script in a conversation even if they’re in another area ? I was thinking of steadily adding their tags and the $hostile bit during the conversation inside so when you go out you have a lot of enemies in various places. I don’t mind doing this but would rather know if it works.

I think it works as some of the people in the original conversation that turn violent have the same tags as some outside that area and I seem to remember being attacked at random later on. I might’ve even done this deliberately so it happened but can’t remember if I did.

I looked at the ga scripts for factions in the conversation editor and all they have is faction rep and faction join.

Faction rep would be good but it says it only deals with the main factions so if I made a custom faction and made everyone in that faction hate the player on one conversation line I doubt if it would work.

Or is there a way to turn a custom faction hostile in a conversation ?

All I want to do is be attacked it can’t be too much to ask for !

Thank you.

Ignore this it’s in the wrong section… Sorry I’m moving it now !