Making your own Creaturtes

I wanna know if there is a possibility to import your own work into Neverwinter Nights 2. As far as i know there was a plugin for Milkshape, but only for static Objects.

I would like to make some Creatures by my own, but i have no 3DMax or Maya.

I dont know if there is a plugin for Blender. I work with Cinema 4d r17, but there are no plugins for Neverwinter.

If i make some Animations for my Creature, could someone convert her to Model ?

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you don’t need no 3dsmax to get your animations and custom creatures with new skeleton rigs into nwn2 since freshlook released fbx2nw converter. as long as your dcc tool supports export into fbx you’re good to go.

get the package from here. and here’s the wiki helping with your first steps.
follow this link to visit the corresponding thread for discussing the topic.

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