Mannast Coins v.0.5 uploaded (was 0.4b updated)

I had a brief moment the other day and found time to update my Mannast Coins System scripts.
First, there was supposed to be a bug fix that stopped an issue where items were being sold despite the PC not having the coin to pay for them. It was a simple fix and I even described how to fix it. And then I updated to version 0.4 and it seems the bugfix was left out. So version 0.4a has this simple bugfix. Also the error is in a specific script, so that is also downloadable if you don’t want to reinstall the whole system.

Also a new Add-on for Pre-decimal coins: Farthing, Penny, Shilling, Crown, et al.

Just to be clear on this - Do you mean the current British (it applies to all 4 nations of the UK - Hint using the Term English to apply to the whole UK annoys the hell out of the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish) decimal style or the pre February 1971 pounds, shillings and pence style?


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Pre-decimal - and I will correct my posting - no offense was intended and I was working on a London centered adventure, so England was on my mind. Edited the package to remove any national distinction and reposted. Thanks!

Re-uploaded the Penny Shilling Crown package with the correct variables on the sample modules. Should have said “InsaneGold” and “InsaneGoldProcess” instead of what was there.

From the comments on this posting:
Just a note aboout the latest version and Pre-Decimal coins add-on. I have been thinking hard about the paradigm of NWN coins equating a golden coin in whatever coin system we are using. In the comments on the posting, Leaf was looking to make the NWN coin be the basic coin (lowest value) of the system.

In hindsight, I think this may be the correct direction to go. In other conversations, people mention that the NWN prices seem to be inflated by a factor. This would make the NWN coin worth roughly the DnD Silver coin, or 1/10 the Gold coin. But some things are heavily over priced. Ultimately, I think Leaf’s idea of having the NWN be the copper - or lowest - coin in the system works best. It makes the correlating NWN stores make more sense and if you don’t want to have text-driven stores (ala CRAP) the relation works without breaking the immersion as well.

So, I suggest the following:

at line 36 of the script “crp_inc_merchant”

//ADJUST BASE CONVERSION COIN - this is what NWN Gold translates directly to.
const string BASE_COIN = COIN_COPPER;
const int BASE_VALUE = VALUE_COPPER;//This value should match the base coin above
const string BASE_PLUS = COIN_SILVER;//This should be the coin above in value
const int VALUE_PLUS = VALUE_SILVER;//This should match the coin above
const string BASE_HIGH = COIN_GOLD;//This can be the same as BASE_PLUS or even Higher, if available
const int VALUE_HIGH = VALUE_GOLD;//This should match the coin above

this will set the copper coin as the NWN conversion coin. In the Pre-Decimal coin I would make the base coin the Farthing

const int BASE_VALUE = VALUE_FARTHING;//This value should match the base coin above

Anyway - these are my thoughts on these coins. Thanks to those who are trying these out!

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Fwiw, I made the NWN gold the equivalent of pnp silver in my setup (my code not yours but similar concept). That made the normal NWN prices seem more reasonable. But you are left with <10 coppers being hard to use. I have some stores where you can get really cheap things through conversations at copper prices. Also meals/drinks in inns and whatnot.

That is what I have often done in the past - food, camping gear, etc. I am going to give this concept a go for now and see where it leads me. Part of what I like about the coins I am using is how easy it is to change the NWN trade coin. It really is just those six lines in the include file. However, once that happens, I would need to consider what would be available in stores and what would be conversation driven sales.

Well, once you pick at a scab, who knows what will happen. I uploaded yet another update to my old coin system. This I felt deserved a change of number.
One of the core ideas of the CRAP store concept was Conversation driven shops. There are a few bits I have not yet explored, mostly residing in the “crp_inc_merchant” script. Of great appeal to me was that items could be one or the other coin types. You could have something selling for 1 copper piece or 5 silver pieces or 2 gold pieces.
But I wanted to sell things for 3 Silver and 3 Copper pieces. Sure you could put 33 Copper pieces, but the other is more immersive. So one of the things that was added to v.0.5 is multi coin pricing.
Along with this, I improved the way inventory created merchant conversations process the items. The script “crp_gen_store” will go through the inventory of the container and find the best multi-coin price for the item. This is then processed in the merchant conversations automatically. So for example, there is a magic item selling for 1421 NWN coins in inventory. The NWN conversion coin is Copper pieces.
The conversation will present this as “14 gold coin(s) and 2 silver coin(s) and 1 copper coin(s)”.
The other major change occurred as a result of me testing the multi-coin prices. The TakeCoinsMakeChange function was failing to find the change coins being fed to it by the multi-coin scripts. This was the last straw for me in preserving the original CRAP form of that script - which kept growing as I added coins or fixed the change-making requests. I made a new function WorkCoins which is fed the total coins being requested for each time of coin from highest to lowest. As it works through, it takes the number of each coin that reduces the total and then passes it off to the next coin type.
The package available has the erf to install the basic coin system into any module. There is a second erf that is the pre-decimal (Farthing - Shilling - Crown) version of the complete system. For each of these, there is a sample module showing how the system works. Included is also the “mannast1.hak” which is also available from one of my other projects. With this hak, CEP compatible coins can be used. To faciliate this, there are two erf files for importing the CEP coins or the CEP farthing-shilling-crown coins. And finally, there are two sample modules showing these installations which require the included hak.

I did manage to playtest this new update to make sure things fired correctly. I am using it in my current module, so I hope to work out any future bugs. Thanks for those who have interest!