Many mod compability

Hi ho, Is it possible to combine both:


nr 1 is kaedrin prc+fixes+spells+AI, all merged WITH DIALOG.TLK in /doccuments/nwn2
nr 2 is cyphre’s prc WITH ITS OWN DIALOG.TLK too.


it looks like they’re made to be combined … yes?

that is, install Cyphre’s PrC Pack, then overwrite/override his Dialog.Tlk with the one by Kalzonenu

(optionally install Kaedrin’s PRC 1.42.1 and Cyphre’s companion pack)

/what can go wrong

There is a 2da/tlk merge tool here by bleedingedge for NWN:

Perhaps it would work for NWN2?

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@rjshae am pretty sure it should, the formats of TLK and 2DA [are] the same between 1 & 2

confidencelevel: 99.215%


The formats are the same, but the way the game reads them is different.
NWN2 also counts of tabs, NWN1 only counts spaces, maybe it makes no difference, but I learned this the hard way when I tried to edit a 2DA for NWN1 the same way I usually do for NWN2 and it didn’t work.

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Bioware’s doc on the 2da format isn’t entirely clear about tabs, but after reading it carefully several times my conclusion is that tabs should not be used in 2da files.

iirc it is explicitly stated that only spaces be used on the column header row and implicitly stated that only spaces be used generally

nwn2 of course flouts this.

But gaoneng’s tool for recompiling his Player’s Handbook for nwn2 fails if there are tabs in the colhead row …

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Padding with multiple spaces can heavily bloat a 2da file. I generally prefer tabs or single spaces.


Just curious here as I don’t know the all ins and outs of NwN 2 mod making. Is there an actual problem if you have “bloated” 2da files or is it just a personal preference? As you may know I have made a number of placeables for NwN 1 and a tool to deliberately align columns in NwN 1 2da files using spaces to pad them out. I have not experienced any problems nor had any reported to me from doing so.


The only issue with using too many spaces is that the file size of the 2DA increases noticeably, if you use LibreOffice Calc, you will notice the difference almost immediately as that cuts down the spaces automatically with the “merge delimiter” options, I had 2DAs cut down by 70% in size thanks to that.
Especially custom feat.2da and spells.2da used by various servers. (NWN2 default 2das come optimized by default it seems)

Of course this will make the 2da look like a “mess” if you open it with notepad, but that is something I wouldn’t recommend doing anyway.

And while I’m not 100% sure about this, I do think that cutting down the size of a 2DA file makes the Get2daString function a little more efficient and/or reduces the memory usage when you cache that 2DA with the Get2DANumRows (or columns) one.

@Tarot_Redhand only big files … like uh Placeables.2da also

Eg. Test by saving a version w/ 1-space delimiter and another aligned w/ multi-space delimiters – look at the difference in filesize … then decide

I use notepad++ (with official plug-ins) for just about everything text based. One of the plug-ins allows access to TortoiseSVN (a version of Subverion) natively. An onboard version control so I can (once I get the hang of vcs) maintain different versions of a 2da file locally without using GitHub. You need to have TortoiseSVN installed on your PC first though.


I guess if you compress the download, then it’s probably not a significant issue. It does take up extra disk space and probably takes a little bit longer to process the file at game startup.

Same for me!

For me, it’s useful as I can easily import in Excel the 2da with tabs as column separators and use Excel filtering options to hide unneeded lines and then quickly copy a line (or set of lines) to the end of the file, made small changes (like changing p_hh? to p_hr? [which is the skeleton I use for the riding animations]) and export it back.