Mapping tools

Im looking for guidance to make a tool or script that will let me take a “screen shot” but rather than print the screen it will print the top down veiw of the entire area without fog o war or fade.

Won’t the area map give you that?

Technically yeah but im looking for a way to get an image that isnt just a square but rather high resolution image

None that I’m aware; just what you can generate in the toolset by tweaking the settings. Hmm, you could experiment with the overland map camera settings and see if that gets you something.

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id try with

debugmode 1
debugmode 0

[h] to toggle the HUD off

First remove any fog from the area and adjust your far clip if possible.

you can get a bird’s eye view from way up, straight down

But to get high resolution, you might have to take several screenshots carefully and then do some stitching in a graphics program.

this is a rough shot w/ fog

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Here comes kev with their ultimate exsitance. Solving even the problems i didn’t know i had…



i gues  :)

Whats the quickest way to to remove fog?

i was thinking write down the area’s fog-stats in notepad

then just clear the fog …

put it back in when done

I mean i could just make a compy of the games modules and delete the edited copies after too?

sure, whichever i guess is better for ya … uh id go w/ a screenshot of the fog-properties myself

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Ill probably get one of both

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just, try it for a while tho… am curious how difficult it’ll be and what overall results are like

Im doing a r20 game expedition to undermountain. They will start in waterdeep. Ill post progress here


ps. time of day, sun settings, diffuse color of area … they’re going to make a difference *shrug

Didnt even think of that. But i my not good at drawing but im good at stitching. Soooo its either this or black and white with lines as walls, roads etc XD


brainflash w/ nod to Rj

If you set the area as an Overland area … these debug commands work:

setoverlanddistance 50
setoverlandpitch 0
setoverlandyaw 0

if you’re going to toggle the OL flag in area properties on/off it could be wise to do it in a copy of the module like you said.

( but you might get the PC in the shots… although there’s probly a workaround for that too )

But it seems like a good way to keep each shot’s perspective the same (to aid stitching later)

far clip. Looks like Options|Graphics|HorizonDistance=far